Is this you?

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Have you just about had enough and you want things to be different now?

  • You're a Professional Person under Pressure? You're facing a new job role, where you really want to make a difference, but there is just too much to think about and do all at once?
  • You're juggling home, family, work, and you've got lost in everyone else's needs?
  • You've got big changes on the horizon, such as redundancy, relocation, serious illness, major personal changes? And you can’t quite see how to make the next step, because there is so much to think about?
  • Maybe things are okay, but you have this feeling that life could all be so much better?

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I can help you change this

When you work with me, this is what you'll get....

  • proven research based strategies to improve your well being
  • achievable actions that you can do straight away 
  • encouragement and challenge to make the changes you want to make
  • protected time and space to work it all out and take stock
  • a sense of clarity and control and an end to Overwhelm

Go here to book a FREE no obligation 15 minute introductory phone call.  In this call we will briefly discuss the issues you are considering and decide if coaching is the way forward for you.

Go here for your free report on SEVEN things you can change right now, and here to keep in touch for more.

When and where?

I work mainly with professional people under pressure and those who want to increase their effectiveness, well-being and resilience - particularly care managers, teachers, nurses and other health care workers, social workers and vocational assessors.

I am available for

  • face to face sessions in Nottingham and the East Midlands
  • telephone and Skype sessions worldwide 
  • any combination that we negotiate between us.

You can also work with me at any convenient time in my new Online Space - look here for more details.