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Supporting Professional People Under Pressure to increase Resilience and Wellbeing

About me

About me

I work with Professional People Under Pressure, including residential care managers, teachers, nurses, social workers and ancillary medical staff, to help you get clarity in work and life, and to improve your resilience, well being and effectiveness.

How I got to here

It's been quite a journey - my love for coaching developed out of my work as an ICS and NVQ Management Assessor. I found I really loved coaching and seeing the difference it makes to people, and a well-timed redundancy in 2011 gave me an opportunity to use all my experience to pursue my own business in coaching.
Earlier in my life, after a degree in English at Newcastle University, where I also studied Latin, Greek and Linguistics, I worked for a year in Edinburgh University Library, with a view to a career in that field. Although I enjoyed this I felt I needed to complete my education... and my next step certainly completed it!!
I got a job as an auxiliary nurse on a female orthopaedic ward and then trained as SRN (State Registered Nurse). Once qualified I went on to work for a large local authority in residential management of homes for older people, where I later undertook Health and Social Care assessment and verification. 
I’ve coached people in a number of management roles within a large local authority setting, as well as on a personal basis.
I’m really interested in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and their application to coaching, together with the emerging insights from modern neuroscience.

My mission

Finding compassionate and intelligent solutions to help you to thrive wherever you are
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